ACE has over 18 years of industry experience in designing, manufacturing, and servicing environmental test chambers. 

Our dedication to customer service is evident in our commitment to excellence that continues long after the sale with high quality products and services. ACE's technical support center is staffed with trained technicians for your technical support needs. 

In addition, ACE has factory trained technicians strategically located throughout the world to support your needs. All technicians are trained on the latest technology developments on ACE products and stock common parts and refrigerants to meet your immediate repair needs. 

From the first contact with our service department, you will be provided with prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable assistance. ACE is committed to long-term, responsive relationships with our customers. Flexible maintenance and support contracts are available. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions or problems. It you contact us outside normal business hours, leave a message. We will get back to you the next business day.


Warranty Terms:
1.Warranty period: Comply with international practice, we promise one year of warranty period to our customers.
2.Warranty policy:
If the equipment is under the ordinary usage and arise any hardware problem which caused by product itself but human error,we will offer the repair to you.
Firstly, we can provide the spare parts with you. And also provide the solution about the trouble of the products;
Secondly, Please send back the instrument,which will be repaired by our company;
Lastly, we would like to appoint our technical engineer to your company to repair.


1.Consultation for use and maintain;

2.Provide quick-wear parts and spare parts in time;

3.Dispatch technicians to spot to teach users with equipment usage and maintain;

4.One year quality warranty term; 5.Problems caused beyond the quality warranty period, we can resolve in time, collect the fee of maintain and meterials upon the condition.



ACE Technology is a climatic chamber manufacturer, with an ISO 9001 registered quality management system specializing in providing highly dependable solutions for the simulation of high/low temperature extremes, humidity conditions, altitude, vibration and more.

ACE environmental chambers have been used for various types of testing such as prototype evaluation, research & development, production, accelerated stress testing, reliability testing, failure analysis, and any other application where environmental simulation is needed.

ACE design, engineering, and manufacturing teams work closely together to incorporate new technologies and evolve our state-of-the-art product lines. Our product range from small benchtop chambers to full walk-in chambers and rooms,including: Humidity Chambers,Fast Change Rate Chambers,Thermal Shock Chambers,Bench top chambers,Salt Spray/fog Chambers, Sand/Dust chambers ,Three testing environments (temperature, humidity and vibration) in one chamber, Xenon lamp and Ultraviolet resistance climatic test chamber ,Electric Blast Drying Oven ,Ozone Ageing Test Chamber ,Box Rain test chamber ,Solar Panel Test Chambers, Walk-in chambers,etc

ACE Advantage:
Over 18 years of industry experience in designing and manufacturing
Standard & Custom Chambers to Your Exact Specifications
One-stop testing solution to help you make safe and reliable products
Meets many industry standards including: UL/CE,IEC JEDEC,ASTM,and MIL-STD
Widely applications such as Electronics,Automotive,Military,Aeronautics,Plastic and rubber materials and Aerospace,etc

ACE are proud that our solutions have a real-world impact on quality, reliability, and safety of products as they enter the market.For over 18 years have enjoyed an outstanding reputation for responsiveness and quality. The availability of support and spare parts helps their customers get the most out of their initial investment. 

Contact ACE to discuss your test chamber needs today.


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